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Zhejiang 781 firefighting veteran police camps farewell
Published:2013-12-17 17:52:04 Author:SystemMaster Source: Text Size:[Large][Medium][Small] Views:343

Morning 7:30, Hangzhou mark fire squadron camp being held Abstract unloading rank, badge veterans ceremony, suddenly the alarm sounded, three veterans instinctively rushed into the garage, dress boarding, rushed to the scene, to his military career painting on a satisfactory conclusion.

"Send comrades, riding journey, two unknown tears, ears Tuoling ......" November 25, this familiar melody echoed in various squadrons of Hangzhou Public Security Fire camp area, 138 retired veterans leave the complex forces embark on a new journey.

Before he left, his comrades reluctantly bid farewell blessing, touched everyone in the scene. Fire Squadron 90 mark Veterans 吴展云 said: "Although only a short two years to join police camps, but memorable military career that I gain so much in the future wherever you go, I will remain a soldier and a strong will. indomitable spirit, continue to work hard, optimistic life. "

Fire near Hangzhou, a squadron of SWAT, a 70-year-old camp grandmother also came to bid farewell, with gifts to give to veterans. Aunt is usually happy farm camp carers, care farms have more than 6 years, and the fire brigade has deep feelings. November 25 every year on this day, Mother would come to bid farewell to veterans.

In Wenzhou, Ningbo, Jinhua, each fire brigade today also held a ceremony for veterans veterans. Reporters learned from the fire brigade, Zhejiang, the province today, a total of 781 veterans retired, they are from the fire fighting and rescue line, with the youth defended Zhejiang earth beauty.

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