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Nanning campus fire safety education experience or a national benchmark
Published:2013-12-17 17:53:58 Author:SystemMaster Source: Text Size:[Large][Medium][Small] Views:669

3 years, know the fire reported over 90% of first grade students , families playing with fire caused by fires dropped by nearly Qi Cheng

Ministry of Public Security , the Ministry of Education issued a document certainly Nanning campus fire safety education innovation and progress

" Nanning Experience" or into the National Campus Fire benchmark

There are fire safety lessons in the classroom , extracurricular offers fire safety Classes ...... In recent years, Nanning City Police Fire Brigade in different ways into the campus fire safety training minors concept . Through continuous efforts, Nanning internal family playing with fire cause fire accidents dropped by 69 percent a year ago . In this regard, Ministry of Public Security , the Ministry of Education recently issued a document , and affirmed Nanning campus fire safety education innovation and progress. November 26 , the " fire of knowledge into the campus will promote the work " was held in Nanning , " Nanning experience " has become a benchmark.

Sounded the alarm bell

Yu Wucheng grade students understand the disposal of fire

April 2010 , Nanning City Police Fire Brigade announced a minor fire safety awareness survey results. The survey showed that 36.85 percent of households have children playing with fire situation occurs , there is 56.37% of third grade students do not know how to dispose of electrical class fire. The survey report also sounded the Nanning City campus fire safety alarm.

Subsequently , in order to compensate for the lack of campus fire safety education , Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly issued the " Nanning strengthen nursery school campus" safety net " work plan" will be placed in fire safety education campus safety education the important position , fire safety education in the curriculum , so plan lessons , teachers, teaching materials , " four to implement ," and every year in September as the city's " Fire safety education month ."

Thus, a high level of campus fire safety firewall built campus began in Nanning , one of the standard fire safety education model schools have gradually built.


10 annual safety education class of Grade

From 2010 onwards, the city of Nanning City Department of Education regulations schoolchildren each receive at least 10 hours of safety education classes every year ; Meanwhile , Police Fire Brigade have employed more than 1,000 firefighters for the fire school counselor, walked at least once a month belongs school , to carry out fire prevention education activities. This three -year period , a total of firefighting school counselors to carry out fire education activities 21,639 , totaling 32,400 hours , comprehensive coverage of the city's primary and secondary safety education class.

Over the years, student safety education there has been in the form of rigid, single content , grabbed the other defects, a fire safety education methods , high and low grades universal . It is prone to lower grades is difficult to understand , and high school students is often disdains simple moralistic dilemma.

To this end, Nanning spoon broke the previous safety education model, published in the primary grades 1-9 Nanning fire safety materials, will summarize the contents of fire safety knowledge stepped into nine educational books, highlights the distinction of age safety features education , more in line with student growth characteristics.

The reporter learned from the first grade to third grade junior fire safety materials, its contents related to each other , layers forward. If a fire safety grade reading , from the basics, teach children how to alarm ; sophomore is fire escape tips ; fifth grade then begin to learn to prevent fires ; into the third grade , they have to learn how the fire.


Reading knowledge of fire science formulas watching sitcoms

"119 what things must be made clear what place any part of the fire burning hanging ...... " reporter in a " demonstration of Guangxi fire safety standard school education ," said the Nanning Xianhu school , came to hear the sound of such a reading in the classroom . The recitation of the contents , that is, fire safety formulas . It is understood that this is the original pilot school "safe morning reading one minute " activities, school classes all morning reading time every day use , read one minute safety knowledge formulas covering fire, transportation , network, Narcotics , earthquake disaster mitigation .

And in the second grade school classroom fire , then played a drama play . The play, two teachers were playing bunny and snowman , interpretation of a classic fairy tale - bunny at bedtime forget to exterminate burning fire , a fire occurred in the flames , the snow man sacrificed himself , saved the life of a small rabbit . Children as the story of the ups and downs, which deeply into the story . The teacher , the students in a timely manner to questions , ask why the fire occurred , in the face of fire how to dispose of and so on. Through this entertaining form , take the initiative to guide the children to think fire hazard issues , develop their sense of escape .

Currently, similar to the " sitcom" Fire education classroom has been all over the city all the fire safety standards of education demonstration school.

Outside the classroom

Fire emergency operation experience Classes

In Xianhu school , posted everywhere on campus safety idiom slogan , fire cartoon portraits . Entrance of each class , also posted a hand-painted blackboard , posters safe campus Shouchao Bao , " my heart fireman ," road safety school essay , hand-painted family escape evacuation route maps.

The first floor of the school 's three classrooms teaching , has also been transformed into a firefighting museum education , knowledge and learning into the Fire District , Fire complex interactive area, fire escape experience zones , students in their spare time to this game , learning .

Bell rang , then came the speakers on campus , " concerned about fire , safety comes first, firefighting operation now ...... " sound. Originally, the school will firefighting knowledge combined with modern rhythmic gymnastics , compiling a set of fire radio gymnastics, fitness exercises help students at the same time subtly enhance the ability of fire emergency and hedging .

"In our school , every weekend is the happiest day of the students , each class of students take turns looking for my registration, I participated in the organization of the school fire safety education interest groups ." School teacher Sonja said. It is understood that " fire safety education outside interest groups " organize an event every weekend , every time the number of participants is limited to 30 people. Participants can vote on collective weekend of activities , including the investigation into the family changed fire hazards, to the park to participate in the Fire cartoon carnival , communities carry out fire prevention and fire station into the experience and so on. Currently, the activities have been carried out 56 times in a row .

In democratic Road Primary School, also has a under the guidance of Nanning City Police Fire Brigade established " 119" Pioneers Fire propaganda team . Consisting 119 young pioneers consisting propaganda team , through exemplary conduct primary fire prevention volunteers to guide more people to participate in fire safety publicity in the past.

It is understood that the education sector Nanning weekend outside firefighting mode ready to experience all the activities of the region to promote the standards of fire safety education model schools so that more students to experience a variety of firefighting extracurricular activities.

3 years

Family playing with fire caused fires around seventy percent lower

3 years, Nanning City Police Fire Brigade will focus on fire prevention education on campus , the school launched the construction of fire safety "firewall" project , a series of activities on campus Fire educational topics - " Happy Camp Fire " campaign comprehensive coverage of the city's 1,759 schools .

After three years of campus fire safety education " safety net " project , the city's schools in 1759 , established a total of 10 national standards of fire safety education model schools , the region's 103 standards of fire safety education model schools . Meanwhile , Nanning City Police Fire Brigade education according to the characteristics of minors carried out into the campus Happy Camp Fire , fire prevention and other carnival activities , and to establish the Fire cartoon carnival theme park in the city zoo , educational experience to guide schools built Fire Hall . According to survey data in April 2013 showed that among students in the first grade , students know to report a fire reached 93.77% . Compared to three years ago, the fire playing with fire cause internal Nanning family also fell 69%.

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