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Shanghai-Chengdu high-speed rear-end pillars paragraph 8 car pile fire and other emergency
Published:2013-12-17 17:55:15 Author:SystemMaster Source: Text Size:[Large][Medium][Small] Views:419

At 6:45 or so, the Shanghai-Chengdu high-speed ShizhuÄÏ 1513 section 8 within a chain rear-end car accident resulted in two deaths and one wounded. After the accident, Shizhu fire brigade, Expressway Authority quickly arrived at the scene, successfully rescued a trapped.

6:45, Shizhu Fire Brigade received a public warning that the 1513 vehicle is located in Shanghai-Chengdu high-speed section of rear-end, a truck driver trapped in the cab, request support. Alarm, Shizhu fire brigade immediately dispatched a fire engine, nine fire brigade rushed to the scene.

The officers and men rushed to the scene found that the accident scene is a mess, I saw Four long distance buses and trucks, both Four Lianzhuang, three buses in front of the windows have been crushed, but fortunately the car, the car no passengers; intermediate car The truck loaded with pigs lying on the road, occupying the entire highway, the car fell some hundred pigs on the highway, and some fell into the river under the bridge, there are cards in the car splint.

In the rear of a truck found deceased.

After careful investigation, in front of the cab truck found trapped, he was stubbornly stuck in between the truck and the bus, the mind is still awake. Seeing this, the field commander immediately consult with the Highway Authority, requires vigilance side of the vehicle to do the scene, side mobilize large crane arrived at the scene. Subsequently, the fire brigade from the inside out hydraulic rescue tools group, jacks and other rescue equipment, to stabilize the trapped emotion while quickly carry out rescue work. 8:40 or so, the truck driver trapped were rescued and sent to hospital for treatment.

After the accident, the Highway Authority has been on the road to the regulation, the implementation of intermittent release.

Currently, relevant departments of the specific reasons for the accident is under investigation, on-site vehicle cleanup continues.

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