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Shaanxi established a leading group of fire prevention and control of fire ban six places
Published:2013-12-17 17:56:00 Author:SystemMaster Source: Text Size:[Large][Medium][Small] Views:463

For winter and spring fire prevention and fire safety focus of recent work , recently, the Shaanxi provincial government established the province this winter and spring fire prevention work leading group , provincial, municipal and county levels to prevent " six key areas ," there is a greater fire.

It is understood that the fire prevention and control work leading group established in the Provincial Committee , deputy governor , Jiang Zelin , director of the provincial committee of any fire safety team leader , assistant to the governor , the provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director Du Hangwei leader, requires during the Christmas , New Year, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival , etc., to strengthen fire prevention and control means , take air defense , anti-technology , defense , etc., to ensure that important period of the dead man a fire does not occur.

Public gathering places in this period , focusing on prevention and control of " six key areas ," fire , wounding, dead people fire more prominent , explosive unit , high-rise building underground , "three " and " one" places , old apartments and boarding schools and other key units and places , in-depth investigation and remediation of fire hazards , to prevent a large fire broke out above .

Introduction of fire hazards and fire violations rectification hard measures , before the end of a 100% focus on fire safety unit " hukou " management of all standards , 60% of towns, street grid construction standards ; to crowded places and rural areas, communities, building construction site and involved in the production , storage, transportation , sale and use of flammable and explosive materials places the focus on rigorous investigation of the fire hazards found in timely rectification.

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