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Republic of vintage fire truck collection Hunan "hundred years old" can still use
Published:2013-12-17 17:58:01 Author:SystemMaster Source: Text Size:[Large][Medium][Small] Views:376

According to Xinhua News Agency Xinhua recently, Hunan Dongting Museum of the Republic of China in a fire, which is the earlier of Yuanjiang City, Hunan Province, Luo Yang Qianzhou residents in an abandoned coal house discovery.

Placed in the Dongting Folk Museum Hall of this unique body styling vintage fire engine red, resembling the same period of military artillery. According to Yang Ming Dongting Museum introduction, this car nearly two meters long iron fire engine, more than 1 meter high wooden hoop by four wheel travel. Mounted on a chassis can accommodate about two tons of drums, barrels set up a similar central pressure pressure seesaw arm on the device, barrels are also printed with "Yuanjiang Yang Lo Chau fire will" and "Changsha Nanyang Machinery Factory" words.

Today, this "hundred years old," the fire truck still running. Yang Ming, due to the age, some of the parts have rusted, but still be able to use pressure device in the case carefully. Yang Ming said: "By pressing arm, pressurized staff one last look at the two pumping pressurized water was pumped pressure device, after about ejected from the outlet pressure."

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