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Cabbage brother severing initiative to compensate two fire hydrants, fire brigade to help buy food
Published:2013-12-17 17:50:27 Author:SystemMaster Source: Text Size:[Large][Medium][Small] Views:464

Farmers Qiaogui Long Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, pulled the car to sell vegetables when, accidentally severing a fire hydrant roadside. After the incident, he did not run away, choosing instead to the police, and the water company to borrow money from the city water supply monitoring unit to pay 2,000 yuan deposit service, a move praised by the community. Yesterday, with the help of many enthusiastic people, he finally sold a car dishes, also lost a borrowed 2000 yuan.

Yesterday 8:00, Central District patrol squadron Green Village Office, sent eight players came forward Road and Market Street intersection, to help Qiaogui Long vegetables, Joe and his wife very moved, want to give the players some of the cabbage , was rejected on the spot.

In the Ying River road roadside cleanup Jeeves administrative enforcement officers Law Enforcement Bureau of the Central Plains area, heard qiaoguilong afterwards, did not take him away, take the initiative to help him stand on the sidewalk inside the square Nue. 12:00, the players have to shift back to see the car as well as most of the cars did not sell food, everyone has a pocket money to buy food back.

Readers Zhang Weidong is a decoration company in Zhengzhou head, he looked afterqiaoguilong reports Dahe, its courage to take responsibility for the behavior of the fire hydrant after severing much appreciated, the initiative to find Qiaogui Long, bought 1,000 pounds of cabbage. 15:00, Dahe reporters once again came before qiaoguilong vegetable stall, the couple was busy packing for cabbage and radishes.

Qiaogui Long told reporters on November 23 to Zhengzhou day, because it rained only sold 100 pounds dish. The next day with the help of the patrol team under 500 kilos sold vegetables. Yesterday morning, the players and help him sell 2,000 kilos of food, but also the rest of the car is about 3000 pounds of food. Because the deposit of 2,000 yuan is borrowed from the villagers, he put the car earlier and now want to sell food after the debt paid off home.

4 pm, Zhengzhou, a construction company in charge of labor subcontracting Deborah Wong told reporters Dahe, after reading newspaper reports on qiaoguilong, wanted to help him. He is willing to buy the car the rest of the vegetables Qiaogui Long to early child home.

17:30, Dahe Qiaogui Long told reporters that he has sold all the food on board, the villagers decided to paying the money owed after the fall, driving home at night.

On the 25th at 8 pm, the fire brigade staff Zhengzhou Dahe told reporters after Qiaogui Long severing hydrant, police can take the initiative to take responsibility, worthy of admiration. To help Qiaogui Long, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng Fire Brigade Fire Brigade decided to buy his cabbage turnip. That with the help of the newspaper under the Qiaogui Long pull a car this dish, was sold yesterday evening when all the staff of the fire brigade said it would to qiaoguilong home, bought the rest of his home ground 10,000 kilos of cabbage turnip.

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