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Liupanshui successful completion of the annual community fire assessment work objectives
Published:2013-12-17 17:48:41 Author:SystemMaster Source: Text Size:[Large][Medium][Small] Views:397

To fully grasp the year 2013 around the social responsibility of the implementation of the objectives of the Fire, according to 2013 city fire work conference and the "social responsibility of fire safety objectives" relevant requirements in recent days, Liupanshui City People was founded two assessment teams were municipal Deputy Secretary-General People's Government, Fire detachment Cao Jin, deputy director of Municipal Public Security Bureau, led by Huang Chongwen city police, safety supervision, planning, education, business, SMG, tourism, fire and other related municipal assessment team composed of leaders, successful completion of the city's 2013 annual social responsibility goals of fire prevention work performance appraisal.

During the assessment, each assessment team to take listening to the reports, data access, on-site verification of the way, listened carefully to the county (district SAR) government, Zhongshan Economic Development Zone Fire Work 2013 annual social responsibility goals and work to implement this winter Fire prevention and control reports on the situation next spring. Field view of the county (district SAR) government, Zhongshan Economic Development Zone funding to implement fire protection, fire protection infrastructure improvement, education and training to strengthen fire prevention, fire station supervision, consolidate enhance fire fighting and rescue force, " hukou "management and" grid "management, fire supervision and law enforcement, fire socialization, the government listed the rectification of major fire hazards, fire protection new rural pilot projects and other key work, and in-depth township (town) police station, street, communities, rural areas, schools and districts of key units for field verification, inspection of the county (district SAR) government, Zhongshan Economic Development Zone in 2013 to implement the responsibility system for fire safety-related archival material. During the assessment team also active with the county (district SAR) government party and government leaders met to solicit promote the construction and development of fire prevention advice and recommendations on how to improve fire prevention, fire prevention solid promote the socialization process and other key work the exchange discussed.

It is reported that the city government will be based on the assessment of each assessment team situation, the county (district SAR) government, Zhongshan Economic Development Zone responsibility goals be informed of the implementation, and evaluation results into the government of the country year-end evaluation, first assessment of an important part of excellence.

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