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Paul travel unimpeded to clean snow and ice Fire Heilongjiang 20,000 square meters
Published:2013-12-17 17:47:18 Author:SystemMaster Source: Text Size:[Large][Medium][Small] Views:369

In recent days, a fall of snow in Harbin, the city's road traffic congestion, road closures limit line of the highway, 50 years of life to the people of King Blizzard, the traffic environment has brought many difficulties. Snow is an order, Heilongjiang Province Public Security Fire Corps, the first time the establishment of new snow commando combat, more than a thousand officers and men for several days fighting in the front line against the snow.

19, the main street in Harbin road snow removal work has entered a crucial stage. 10 am, Heilongjiang Province Public Security Fire Corps against the snow commando build new again divided the dress rigorous, and drove to Le Pine Xiangfang District, Harbin Xiangfang ST shopping plaza and street sections of Kiyoshi job. This section of Harbin City, the bustling commercial district and transportation hub, traffic flies, people such as weaving, because the snow is compacted pavement hard pressed passing vehicles, coupled with a surge in traffic volume during the day to clean up the difficulty extremely arduous. Kiyoshi for the successful completion of this task, the Corps training base in Baoan, director of industry, political commissar Cuixiao Kun-site visit Kiyoshi command. The soldiers were deployed Kiyoshi task than 1,100 people, vehicles more than 50 times, a total of more than 1,500 meters of extension clear the road, more than 50 snow removal vehicles. After eight hours of continuous fighting, had abnormal congestion Le Pine Square, ST Street dealers have basically smooth road.

Provincial Public Security Fire Corps to fight the new snow commandos in extreme weather, all officers and men together to tackle action organized logistical support, the soldiers morale, bravery, people blown away, widely praised. According to incomplete statistics, up to November 24, a new corps of execution against the snow Kiyoshi commando mission 14 times, has sent more than 4,500 officers and passengers, vehicles more than 110 times, and clear the road of snow 21 thousand square meters, and clear the road 3500 I extend the meter to help restart the vehicle broke down more than 30 motorcycles, to achieve a "zero vulnerability organization, Kiyoshi zero left behind, zero accidents," the stated objectives, effectively alleviate the traffic pressure Harbin city, to protect the safety of the resident population of travel .

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